TEHNODENT Company is proud of its 29-year-long experience and, as such, it has overcome various obstacles while creating an enviable product which cannot find it’s match in terms of quality-price ratio.

Production process includes usage of the high-grade materials and up-to-date CNC automatic machines of the newest generation. Special attention is given to 100% dynamic measuring control and testing of each rotor in even harder operating regimes which ultimately ensures it’s safety and reliability.

The final result is the guarantee for bur clamping mechanism of 12 months. With proper care and maintenance, the lifetime of a dental assembly is much longer.

 The company’s slogan ‘’Our quality – your success’’ signifies that we identify with serviceman who depend on our products and want their clients (dentists)  to have a successful business. 


  • The clamping force, bur’s extracting force is 40 – 50 N
  • The opening force of Push Button system is 22 – 25 N
  • The mechanism of clamping, the number of linking spots: 4 lines of clamping
  • Bur guide hardness and opening dimensions - 60 HRC, Ø 1.6 +0.005
  • Eccentricity of bur in rotation – circular run-out is max. 0,01 mm
  • Shaft hardness Ø3.175 52 HRC
  • Shaft assemblage: Laser welded
When following the requirements of ISO 1797-1, which determines the proper bur’s qualifications (among which is diameter size 1,59 – 1,6 mm) the guarantee for the clamping force of the shaft’s mechanism is 12 months.

ISO 13485 standard confirms quality of our products.

Download our ISO standard certificate

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